What exactly does Vencentric do?

Vencentric is cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) communication platform. Vencentric provides simple to use software that allows retail grocers, vendors, and manufacturers a better way to operate and manage everyday issues and problems. Personnel can easily analyze problem areas and set actionable tasks to improve performance and provide a better customer experience.

Why not just create our own system?

In-house systems can quickly become obsolete as IT departments often lack the funding, product knowledge, and resource allocation to stay abreast of industry trends and innovations. Vencentric’s service staff can provide a level of customer service to manufacturers, vendors and grocers alike that would challenge even the best in-house IT departments. A standardized and unified system used by everyone in the retail food industry has several significant and distinct advantages over a mishmash of proprietary systems. Vencentric provides a simple, low cost and easy to implement communications service that allows everyone in the food industry an efficient way to improve operations, empower employees and increase profits.

What are the advantages of Vencentric over our current system?

Vencentric is a “Cloud” based software solution that provides management and employees a simple way to communicate with each other and manage the results of those communications. With Vencentric, it is now possible to create and send store messages and request and response notifications for internal action, send issues and messages to vendors and suppliers for resolution and manage those activities through a simple interface that keeps unwanted spam and personal communications from distracting business activity. All messages and issues are stored so that searching, resolving and completing these activities is simple.

How much of a learning curve is there?

Vencentric is very easy to use and is quite similar to other popular applications in how it functions.

What internal resources does it take to implement and manage Vencentric?

Since Vencentric Systems hosts Vencentric, subscribers only need to setup access to the Internet and with the help of a support representative, set up your organization and instruct one of your employees to manage the easy to maintain administration functions. Administration consists of adding and deleting your organizations employees, setting up their roles such as department manager, store manager etc. and establishing vendors and manufacture relationships. Depending on which functionality you wish to use, there may be other set up features that our support representatives will help you implement and provide any needed training.

What are my costs?

From the moment the program is initiated, significant savings can be realized immediately through increases productivity of middle management, office staff and personnel needed to perform time and effort intensive tasks. Using Vencentric provides abundant, valuable and timely data with just a few keystrokes resulting in higher production with lower costs and time expenditures. Additional savings can be found through reduced shrink and out of stocks at store level as a result of better and more efficient communication between stores and vendors.

Instead of making a large upfront investment in new hardware, software, and IT staff, Vencentric allows you to use your existing web accessible computers and pay only a modest setup and use fee.

Much like your Internet provider, Vencentric provides a subscription-based service. There is no need to ever purchase the most current version; you will always be running the latest release from Vencentric at no charge. Because Vencentric is maintained by Vencentric Systems own programmers and hosting providers, there is no need for you to hire additional IT staff to manage the system infrastructure.

The current daily cost of labor, waste/shrink in the system and out-of-stocks far exceeds the minimal cost of implementing Vencentric Systems solution.

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