About Vencentric

When I began working in the supermarket industry in 1968, the wholesale food distribution and the internal operations of supermarkets were quite different than that of today. Barcodes and scanners replaced price stamps and checker memorization, large backroom storage was replaced by just-in-time delivery, and centralized fresh foods processing models have replaced much of today’s in-store handling needs.

In 1990, I bought a manufacturing facility that distributed its products to the supermarket industry. We developed OSHA compliance systems and subsequently a private environmental food safety training and microbial monitoring quality system. Many of those developments are still in play to this day.

My focus on quality systems for the supermarket industry continued in California, when in 2003, as a hobby, I began developing internet based business models, serving the natural resource investing public. In 2006, while working with web based technology and thinking about my foods background and successfully building previous supermarket specific quality assurance and compliance systems, I began to think about how internet technologies could benefit supermarkets, vendors, and manufacturers alike.

About this time, during a conversation with the V.P. of Operations for a large supermarket chain, he suggested that a collaborative system was needed to enhance their operation, assure employee compliance and improve service providers, suppliers, and vendor follow through. It was at that moment the idea for Vencentric was conceived.

Fast forward to 2015. With food retailers beginning to recognize the need for a collaborative system, some have developed vendor specific solutions such as Portals, resulting in a multitude of disconnected business processes. Unfortunately, this is creating an ever increasingly difficult operating environment for the rest of food supply chain to work within. Additionally, there are specific operational processes common to each part of the industry, but not to other parts of the industry, which can be streamlined and simplified within a single platform.

After four years and more than $1.5 million in development costs, Vencentric Technologies has developed Vencentric, the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) operations solution developed specifically for the food industry.

Vencentric looks forward to partnering with you to achieve your operational and profitability goals.

Duane Chandler; Founder, CEO

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