Vencentric is a “Cloud” based software solution that provides food industry manufacturers a simple way to communicate with brokers, distributors and retailers and manage the results of those communications. With Vencentric, it is now possible to create and send messages for internal action, send issues and messages to brokers, distributors and suppliers for resolution and manage those activities through a simple interface that keeps unwanted spam and personal communications from distracting business activities. All messages and issues are stored so searching, resolving and completing these activities is simple, easy to review and manage.

Vencentric is accessible from low cost communication devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, iPads and laptops that open up a new world of opportunity for the food industry. SaaS solutions have the advantage of delivering applications that are low cost, and easy to implement and learn. This new technology provides vast new options for online solutions that can deliver extreme value for your organization. Employees using Vencentric can manage their business issues and messages communications from anywhere making it easy to stay up-to-date and informed. Managers can review and score how well the issues have been managed and watch the results to monitor trends, training issues, and process improvements as well as deliver actionable comments to brokers, distributor and retailers. LearnMore

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