Business Messaging


How many unrelated business emails to you get every day? Like many managers in the grocery industry you get many. With Vencentric you have a dedicated internal messaging system that lets you correspond with those individuals that are critical to your job, and the success of your department.

  • If you send out a group message you can track all of the responses and no one else in the group can see the responses. All responses come back to one email for ease of consolidation without reentering information to summarize.
  • Send out vendor bid requests, send and receive “Hot Sheets” or “Planograms” with simple consolidated responses. No more filtering through all of the emails that are not related to your job. Simplify the way to interact with internal or external contacts.
  • Receive Product Recalls with a simple messaging alert and respond to the recall with a simple message that shows how many items you pulled and what you did to comply with the original Product Recall message. All managers’ responses are consolidated in the Product Recall message to provide an easy to follow audit trail.

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